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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
1:58 AMV: you(S) need to sleep and focus on your POV to -sakya23
1:54 AMV: if I had been dethroned last wk, everything would have been fine. S: this is emotional day, to think i'm losing you. -sakya23
1:53 AMS: the other side got mad, put us up and we are in this position bc we made choice to join 6th sense. what sucks is we were all ingroup to backdoor Austin, bc dark moon would have kept going through with plan for at least one more week. i'm mad that I choose a side -sakya23
1:51 AMV: that's not good, why not sell out Becky instead of Steve, Becky is betryaying James S: but Becky is betraying James to help us(Clay/Shelli) -sakya23
1:51 AMS: If one of us wins veto, the arguement to James is that 1 of us is staying in house and 1 of us is coming after you. so you put up Steve to vote Steve out. -sakya23
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