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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:29 PMAs Zakiyah flirts with Paulie, he continues to lay on his stomach, facing away from her with his eyes closed. He is not flirting -Tigrress
10:27 PMNicole picked a pimple off Victor -ChillTownChick
10:26 PMPaulie discusses how Derrick got a pic of himself in uniform after he won an HOH. Derrick grabbed the picture immediately and ran it down to diary room. -CassieM
10:24 PMZakiyah being very flirty in HOH room with Paulie now. Discussing attractive features. Says Paulie has a nice butt. They mentionedtrying to get Natalie to admit she had implants and she wouldn't during a game of 'never have I ever.' -CassieM
10:18 PMDay: I want to keep her (Tiffany) for the 8 but hell, Paulie can be 8. Frank: Yeah! Exactly! -Kayla08
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