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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:38 AMSabrina tells Adel not to worry because Arlie is great at manipulating people. Adel, "I stayed up with him all night to be Brother/Brother."
10:36 AMNeda fears the DRs are going to start soon and she is still applying makeup. Rach comes in saying she gained 2 lbs on slop.The girls reassure her she looks fine.

Adel and Sabrina in main bedroom. She tells him not to pack his stuff and that he is not a sucker. Sabrina, "He's won enough."
Adel, "Then why did he tell me to pack my bags?"
Sabrina, "He is trying to F with your head."
10:31 AMBB tells the girls to quit talking about brand names. Arlie comes to join them. "I'm definitely sleeping after the After Show."Rach tells Heather about a job she might get at a wine bar in Edmonton. Heather tells Ali to be careful she doesn't fall asleep. Arlie mostly stares straight ahead.
10:19 AMRach+Arlie try to sleep in Have Not room and rooster crows. Rach had only gone in for 2 mins.Rach does stretches, "So I won't be sore for tonight's HOH."
10:11 AMJon is angry that Arlie wants to sleep right now after staying up all night. Sab, "He's sleeping." Jon, "We should all go back to bed for a few hours."
Jon tells the girls about Deli talking to him last night. Adel walks in and conversation is dropped.
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