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Big Brother Canada
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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:16 PMShelli comes in and Clay denies talking game with Jeff. NT
9:11 PMJeff/Clay Talking about Audrey saying she would be their puppet and puppet master. Clay telling Jeff that Audrey wanted to Backdoor Becky. He is using the pronoun we (him and Shelli). Audrey talking about Day won't win anything and Clay said it doesn't matter.
9:04 PMJeff said Jackie punched him in the face on The Amazing Race. Says she is a good girl but emotional.
9:01 PMClay is asking if Jeff would choose James over Clay. NT
8:59 PMVanessa and Audrey in purple room talking about the HOH comp and how Becky and Shelli came out of nowhere to win. Da'Vonne to DR NT
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Important Dates
Jul 7 (Premiere) The Seven Year Switch
Jul 12 (Premiere) The Strain
Jul 16 (Premiere) Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll
Jul 18 (Premiere) Hell on Wheels
Jul 21 (Premiere) Knock Knock Live